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Winter weather causing you tooth pain?

By July 4, 2019 No Comments

Yes, it’s a thing. And you’re not alone! If you’re teeth are hurting as the cold weather sets in, it could be a sign that your teeth are sensitive, or it could be something a little more serious, such as periodontal disease.

Your teeth are just like any other material, they expand and contract in different temperatures. This movement can cause tooth pain when it’s cold. The changes in the enamel, the top layer or surface of your teeth, can cause little cracks which seep down to the dentin layer, the core. The dentin is laced with nerve fibres and when these are exposed, pain is triggered.

To minimise pain caused by cold weather, you could take some of the following actions to help with sensitivity in your teeth.

  • Brush gently. Soft brushing will still remove surface stains on your teeth but won’t break down the enamel.
  • Limit acidic drinks. Coffee, tea, juice and soda are highly acidic drinks that can erode your enamel. Try and drink water as a replacement.
  • Professional teeth whitening. DIY, over-the-counter teeth whitening products often contain ingredients that strip your enamel, causing it to erode. Instead, talk to one of our hygienists to receive expert whitening advice and services.
  • Take steps to stop grinding or clenching. This is a common issue, whereby your enamel is worn down by clenching or grinding in your sleep. Often caused by stress or nerves, you could try relaxing pillow sprays to lessen this, or book a consult with one of our expert dental surgeons. They will design and create a custom mouth guard to reduce grinding of your teeth and jaw pain.
  • Apply fluoride. Our dentists can apply fluoride to your teeth to strengthen your enamel and minimise sensitivity.

It is important to visit your local McIntosh dental team if you experience tooth sensitivity in the cold to ensure that there is not an underlying problem, and to prevent one from occurring. Our team can tailor a solution to help resolve your tooth pain. Book your consultation today.

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