Ongoing Dental Care For 18+ Year Olds

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Children and teenagers up to the age of 18 years’ old receive free general dental care in New Zealand. This gives their teeth the best start in life, and aims to set them up with good oral care routines for their adult years.

But unfortunately, we see a big decline in oral health in young adults who don’t continue to see a dentist regularly once they’ve turned 18 years’ old. Budgets can be pretty tight if they are studying and have growing student loans or trying to make ends meet on low starting salaries, so regular dental check-ups can be hard to afford. To complicate matters, many young adults have diets and lifestyles that wreak havoc on their oral health, such as high-sugar convenience foods and drinks, alcohol and irregular oral care routines. These can all cause tooth decay which can grow into bigger issues the longer it is left untreated.

It’s always such a shame to see oral health problems in young adults which would be completely preventable with regular dental check-ups. And it’s even more heart breaking when they have had orthodontic treatment during their teens to give them beautiful straight smiles. All of that investment in cost, regular orthodontic appointments and putting up with brackets and wires can be cancelled out by not seeing a dentist for a few years.

We often treat young adults who have not visited a dentist for several years. They come to us with a concern such as a niggly pain or something that doesn’t feel quite right. Unfortunately, by this stage they might need more in-depth treatments, multiple appointments or more invasive procedures with much higher costs than regular dental check-ups. So is there a solution?

Smilesaver Dental Savings Plan

Smilesaver is Fraser Dental’s dental savings plan designed to make ongoing dental care easier and more affordable for 18+ year olds. It consists of small weekly payments starting from just $9 per week. Parents (or even grandparents) can set up Smilesaver for their older children to help them receive continuing dental care without worrying about tight student budgets. We contact your child when they are due for their regular check-up so it’s as easy as possible for everyone! And they’ll receive great membership benefits too, like a $50 credit when they join up.

Contact us to find out more about our Smilesaver dental savings plan for your young adult so we can help to keep their oral health in great shape.

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