Diagnostic Skull X-Rays

Dental x-rays go hand-in-hand with examinations to allow your Dentist to get the complete picture of your mouth and oral health. X-rays allow us to see beneath the surface of your mouth and are invaluable for detecting dental issues.

At Fraser Dental we use advanced technical equipment that allows us to provide the best standard and quality of care. Our x-ray equipment includes a dental Cone Beam CT scanner, an innovative machine which creates 3D images of your teeth and jaws. The highly detailed images are particularly effective at capturing the position of both fully emerged and emerging teeth, which makes it a valuable tool for diagnosing and planning treatment for dental implants, impacted wisdom teeth and intricate orthodontic and endodontic cases. It is an incredible advancement that provides us with such detailed information that we can accurately plan, prepare and execute even the most complicated of dental treatments with precision – ensuring the best possible outcome.

Having A Diagnostic Skull X-Ray Taken

Our Cone Beam CT scans, as with all of our x-rays, keep our patients’ safety and wellbeing paramount by employing the highest safety precautions.

A diagnostic skull x-ray involves standing very still while the machine moves 360 degrees around your head. It only takes approximately 20 seconds for a complete rotation during which time multiple images are taken to construct a 3D image.

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Diagnostic skull x-rays, cone beam CT scanner