Dental Examinations and X-rays

At Fraser Dental we believe that having good oral health impacts on your overall health and wellbeing – and it all starts with regular dental examinations and x-rays.

Regular dental examinations and x-rays are necessary to identify potential dental and medical problems that might be completely hidden from the naked eye. Even problems such as gum disease and tooth decay can go unnoticed without regular dental check-ups.

If left untreated, dental problems can lead to much more serious issues such as bone loss, strokes, heart disease, infection and other health conditions.

Dental Examinations

We usually recommend having a dental examination annually, although this depends on your particular circumstances.

At these appointments our experienced Dentists thoroughly examine your teeth and gums and identify any causes for concern. We use the most effective techniques and diagnostic dental equipment. We’ll talk your examination through with you so you can share with us any worries or questions you may have. It’s a great opportunity to ensure your oral health is on track.

If you do require any further dental treatment, we’ll discuss your options with you in detail, including our wide range of dental payment plan options.

Regular dental examinations can not only save your smile and oral health, they can also save you money by catching dental issues early before they become major problems requiring expensive treatment.

Dental X-Rays

It’s important to have dental x-rays taken regularly as they allow us to see what is happening beneath the surface in your mouth. When it comes to your teeth, a physical dental exam only tells us half the story. And just like with dental exams, x-rays play an essential role in the early detection of oral care issues – potentially saving on major treatment further down the track.

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Dental Examinations and X-rays, dental x-ray