Mouthguards are important for preventing injuries during contact sport. They are an easy and convenient way for people of all ages to prevent damage to their mouths or teeth while playing sport.

Custom-made Sports Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards are readily available in pharmacies throughout New Zealand, and it is easy to adjust their fit by softening them in hot water. However, there is a limit to how well they can fit your mouth. Custom-made sports mouthguards are specially designed to fit your mouth for maximum comfort and protection. Because they are made from better quality materials, they tend to be thinner and less bulky than over-the-counter mouthguards while still providing maximum protection.

We create sports mouthguards by taking impressions of your teeth and gums. We use this high quality mold to make a mouthguard that fits you perfectly. It provides optimal protection and thickness where it is needed most, and will not hinder breathing or speech.

Custom-made sports mouthguards can be created for all ages, so even the youngest sportsperson in your family can be comfortable playing sport and protect their teeth from injuries. You can even choose between clear plastic or a colour to suit your personality or sports team.

Custom-made Sleep Mouthguards (Night Guards)

If you suffer from clenching or grinding your teeth at night, a customised sleep mouthguard, or night guard, can provide significant relief. This is a common problem and can be caused by a number of factors including stress or anxiety, having a crooked bite, sleep apnoea or it may simply have become a habit. Clenching and grinding your teeth can have long term damaging effects to the enamel and tooth structure. In severe cases it can lead to loss of teeth and even jaw damage.

Wearing a night guard is an easy yet effective way to stop your teeth becoming damaged from night time grinding and clenching. Like sports mouthguards, night guards are created by taking impressions of your teeth and gums and using the mold to create a customised guard for you. They are made from thinner plastic than sports mouthguards which is extremely comfortable to wear for sleeping while still protecting your teeth from damage. Most people get used to wearing them at night very quickly, and they do not hinder breathing at all.

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Night Guard For Tooth Wear