Dental Implant Bridges

You may be missing a tooth or teeth due to an accident or injury, or as a result of poor oral health. Not only does a gap in your smile look unsightly, it can also cause problems for your remaining teeth, which can gradually shift into the gap. This leads to alignment and bite issues, affecting your chewing ability and making you much more prone to tooth decay. So replacing missing teeth is important for preserving your smile, and implant bridges are an effective way to fill the gap.

What Is A Dental Implant Bridge?

Implant bridges work just like regular dental bridges to literally “bridge” the gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth. Instead of being attached to the neighbouring teeth, they are supported by implants in the jaw which act as posts for attaching the crown (visible part of the tooth) to.

Advantages Of Implant Bridges

  • No reliance on surrounding remaining teeth
  • Extremely stable and strong
  • Function just like normal teeth
  • Effective for restoring smile and aesthetics
  • Prevents alignment and bite problems caused by a missing tooth or teeth
  • Reduces susceptibility of tooth decay caused by a missing tooth or teeth
  • Can be used to replace more than one missing tooth

Your Dental Implant Experts

 The Fraser Dental implant team is lead by Dr Alex McIntosh, who has over 35 years’ experience in dental implant surgery and prosthetics. He is passionate about utilising the latest techniques, technology and materials to provide the best possible results for patients. Seeing the difference that dental implants make to his patients’ quality of life, appearance and confidence is his favourite part of the job!

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Implant-supported Bridge (Using Impressions)

Implant-supported Bridge (Using 3D Technology)