Dental Implant Crowns

Replacing a missing tooth or teeth is important for several reasons. Not only do missing teeth ruin the aesthetics of your smile, they can lead to bite and alignment problems when remaining teeth move into the gap, as well as increase your risk of tooth decay. Dental implant crowns and bridges are an effective to replace one or more missing teeth.

Implant crowns are attached to a post, or support, which is implanted into the jaw. The crown is the visible part of the tooth, and can be made from porcelain, ceramic, gold or a combination of these. The result is a great aesthetic finish to your smile and no one will be able to tell that your implant crown isn’t actually a natural tooth.

Implant crowns function just as well as natural teeth. They are very strong and stable as, unlike regular dental crowns, they don’t have to rely on the support of neighbouring teeth.

Your Dental Implant Experts

The highly qualified dental implants team at Fraser Dental is lead by Dr Alex McIntosh. We use the latest technology and materials to give you the best quality results, with techniques that cause minimal discomfort. We love giving our patients great results!

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