Smile Design

Giving You A Smile You Will Love To Share!

Is there something about your smile you would like to change? Do you feel self-conscious when smiling or laughing because you’re not happy with your teeth or smile? Do you feel like this affects your self-confidence and holds you back? Smile Design can change that!

Smile Design is a customised cosmetic makeover to create the smile you’ve always wanted. It includes an in-depth consultation process where we learn everything that you would like to change and together develop a plan to create your perfect look. We use all of the latest technology and techniques, and you can even choose the smile you like best from our catalogue.┬áIt’s a highly individual process where we take everything into account, including the health of your teeth, availability and budget.

With Smile Design we always try to mimic nature by crafting teeth that are not easily distinguishable from your natural teeth – just a better version. We can create temporary restorations which we bond to your teeth. You can wear these temps for a few weeks to see how you like your new smile.

There are some rules we adhere to when designing smiles:

  • Mimic nature as much as possible while creating an improved version of your natural teeth.
  • Go as white as you dare without causing your teeth to look unnaturally white.
  • Make sure you are 100% satisfied before permanently fitting the new teeth.

Don’t put your perfect smile on hold any longer. Come and see us for a Smile Design consultation and begin your journey to the smile you’ve always wanted today.

Smile Design, professional woman smiling