cleaning and repairing denturesQuality dentures – whether they are partial, full or implant-retained dentures – are custom crafted to be as lifelike, comfortable and functional as possible to be an ideal substitute for your natural teeth. Unlike your natural teeth, though, dentures are made of strong, durable plastic and therefore need to be treated quite differently. As experienced denture technicians, here are our top tips for cleaning and repairing dentures.

What is the best way to clean and store dentures?

Always clean dentures with a nonabrasive denture paste and soft toothbrush. Although dentures are made from specially durable plastic it is not as strong as teeth enamel. Regular toothpaste can be abrasive and contain materials which can scratch the plastic. Gently brush every surface of the denture. Store your dentures in a water-based cleaning solution overnight as recommended by your dentist or denture technician. Following your dentist’s cleaning and storage recommendations will help to prevent your dentures from staining, keep your mouth healthy and ensure your dentists last as long as possible.

Can yellowing or stained dentures be whitened?

The best way to keep dentures white and unstained to follow a good cleaning routine right from the start, as recommended by your dentist or denture technician. Dentures can’t be whitened using the same methods or products as natural teeth because they are made of plastic. Your dentist can recommend appropriate denture-cleaning products which will safely remove most stains. They can also use in-clinic specialised treatments to carefully remove stubborn or in-depth stains without causing damage.

Can I glue broken dentures back together?

Trying to repair broken dentures by fixing them yourself is a bad idea! Adhesives like superglue can be toxic. Using DIY denture repair kits will not give you a good result as the bite of the dentures will be compromised, making chewing difficult and causing pain and irritation by unevenly wearing on your gums. All too often we see patients who have tried to fix their broken denture at home with disastrous results. If you have had to do a quick, temporary fix yourself, do make sure you follow up with an appointment to your dentist or denture technician for a permanent repair.

Why do dentures break?

Dentures are made of very strong, durable plastic but this is not nearly as strong as our natural tooth enamel. Although they are designed for everyday chewing and biting, they will naturally deteriorate over time. On average, most patients wear a set of dentures for five to seven years before they will need replacing – although proper care and cleaning is essential for making them last.

Why do dentures have to be stored in water or denture solution?

They are made from an acrylic material that needs moisture to retain their shape. When you are wearing them, the saliva in your mouth keeps them moist. But when you take them out at night it’s essential to store them in water or denture solution so they don’t dry out, losing their shape and becoming brittle and uncomfortable to wear.

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