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Covid orthodontic delays, braces

Covid Orthodontic Delays

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Covid lockdowns and changing Alert Levels are causing delays to regular orthodontic appointments. We will be able to schedule standard orthodontic appointments, as well as all of our other standard…
Dental emergency, chipped tooth

What Is A Dental Emergency?

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Wondering if you have a dental emergency and whether you should seek help? If in doubt - reach out! Dentists are closed for standard appointments during Covid-19 Alert Levels 3…
Dentist during lockdown

Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist During Lockdown?

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At Alert Levels 3 and 4 it is not possible to see your dentist for a routine appointment. However, some clinics open to provide emergency dental care to people in…
Reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry, woman with beautiful smile in dentists chair

Top 5 Reasons To Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

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While all of us would love to have a beautiful, radiant smile, unfortunately the reality can be quite different. Almost half of New Zealand adults admit that there is something…

Clinical Orthodontics Graduate Diploma for Dr Melissa Inger

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Congratulations to Dr Melissa Inger, who has completed her Graduate Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics. This is a three-year post-graduate programme of theoretical and clinical training in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics.…
Botox FAQs, mature woman showing effects of Botox on half of her face

Botox FAQs

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Botox and dermal fillers continue to grow in popularity and are now one of the most used cosmetic treatments in the world. Not only are they effective for rejuvenating your…
Dental implants versus bridges, dental bridges, tooth bridge

Dental Implants Versus Bridges

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If you are missing a tooth you’re not alone. It’s estimated that over half of New Zealand adults have lost one or more teeth, with the most common causes being…
Welcome to Sam Lee

Welcome To Sam Lee

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We are delighted to welcome on board Sam Lee as the new General Manager of Fraser Dental and McIntosh Dental. Sam has a Master of Business Administration as well as…
how long does teeth whitening last

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

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Teeth whitening has become very popular as people love the confidence boost that having a bright, white smile gives them. One of the questions our patients often ask us is:…
reasons to see your dentist every 6 months, dentist and patient looking at x-ray

Why You Should See Your Dentist Every 6 Months

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Many people believe that if they brush and floss their teeth regularly then they don’t have to visit the dentist as often, which is simply not true. Good brushing and…
custom-made mouthguards, sports mouthguards

Benefits of Custom-Made Mouthguards for Sports

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With winter sports starting up, it’s time to make sure you have all of the right gear for a great (and hopefully uninterrupted) season! Anyone who plays a contact sport…
Teeth sensitivity, woman with sensitive teeth drinking glass of water

Sensitive Teeth

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Lots of people suffer from sensitive teeth. Sensitivity increases as the protective enamel on your teeth wears down, causing sharp, shooting pains. It is usually triggered when you eat or…
dental check ups for primary students, happy girl in striped top smiling

Dental Check Ups for Primary Students

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Has your preschooler or primary-aged child had their annual dental check-up in the past year? Unfortunately there is a backlog in the free dental check-ups for primary students and preschoolers…
Dental implants, questions you should ask before getting a dental implant, patient with implant dentist

Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Dental Implant

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Using advanced dental technology, dental implants are a clever and effective way of replacing missing teeth. They can replace teeth which have been knocked out, or those that are broken…
early intervention orthodontics, thumb sucking

Early Intervention Orthodontics

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Early intervention orthodontics is when corrective orthodontic treatment is undertaken at a younger age to correct problems more easily – before they become bigger orthodontic issues. Although the common age…
risks of home dentistry, blue pliers, pliers to pull teeth

The Risks Of Home Dentistry

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Having regular dental appointments is just one of the aspects of our lives that Covid-19 has interrupted. Many New Zealanders have delayed dental treatment for reasons like cost, alert level…
get rid of bad breath, woman holding hands over her mouth

Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

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It’s normal to have bad breath sometimes, especially when you first wake up or after you’ve eaten onions or garlic. But it’s not normal to have bad breath consistently, and…
DIY teeth straightening, DIY clear aligners

DIY Teeth Straightening

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If you have always wanted a straight smile but hate the idea of wearing traditional braces then chances are clear aligners like Invisalign have probably caught your attention. Lately new…
signs your oral health is at risk, tooth pain, tooth sensitivity

Top Ten Signs Your Oral Health Is At Risk

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Here are some of the most common signs your oral health is at risk. Bleeding gums. Many people believe that it’s normal for your gums to bleed a little when…
Wisdom teeth FAQs, cartoon wisdom tooth

Wisdom Teeth FAQs

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Not everything you read or see about wisdom teeth and getting them removed is true. So here we debunk some of the common myths about these troublesome teeth: our wisdom…

The Fraser And McIntosh Dental Group Orthodontic Scholarship Winners 2020

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Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for this year’s Orthodontic Scholarship. We received a record number of entries and it really was a tough job to select the…
Adult braces, mother and daughter smiling

Adult Braces

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Mention the word “braces” and most of us immediately think of tweens and young teenagers. But in fact adult braces are surprisingly common – around 15% of our orthodontic patients…

Six Tips For Overcoming Fear Of The Dentist

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It’s really common to have a fear of the dentist. It affects lots of people of all ages, and can be caused by a past traumatic experience, tooth sensitivity, anxiety,…

Spotlight On Lisa Brookes

| Dental Hygiene, The Fraser Dental Team | No Comments
Lisa has been a valuable member of the Fraser Dental team for well over a decade, providing in-depth cleaning treatments and care advice to patients who love to keep their…
Are dental implants painful, diagram of dental implants

Are Dental Implants Painful?

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We know that dental implants are an excellent, cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth. But the one question that everyone wants to know is: are dental implants painful? Dental implants…
Cost of avoiding the dentist, hand holding tooth and hand holding coins

The Cost Of Avoiding The Dentist

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A recent poll found that a whopping 40% of New Zealanders only visit the dentist when they think something is wrong – similar to a doctor. The major reason for…

Spotlight On Judy Stallard

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With more than 20 years at Fraser Dental, Jude is one of our most experienced Dental Assistants. She has watched many nervous new arrivals become regular, valued patients. She loves…
cost of dental implants compared to dentures graph

Is The Cost Of Dental Implants Worth It?

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On average up to a quarter of us will have to replace missing teeth at some stage in our lives. Aside from accidents, tooth loss can be the result of…
Smilesaver dental savings plan, mother and daughter smiling and hugging

Is A Dental Savings Plan A Good Idea?

| Family Dentistry | No Comments
2020 has taught all of us to expect the unexpected! But when it comes to dental bills unexpected costs can be especially unwelcome, especially when budgets are already stretched. We…
Dental implants, alternative to dentures, dentist showing dental implant diagram

Dental Implants: The Modern Alternative To Dentures

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If you are fed up with uncomfortable dentures you may be interested in dental implants which are a modern alternative to dentures. Even with a lifetime of great oral care…

Spotlight On Dr Melissa Inger

| The Fraser Dental Team | One Comment
Dr Melissa Inger is one of our experienced Dental Surgeons here at Fraser Dental. Melissa’s comprehensive education not only includes a Bachelor in Dental Studies, but also degrees majoring in…
Stop bedwetting with orthodontics, girl smiling with orthodontic appliance

Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Stop Bedwetting

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Fraser Dental’s approach to orthodontics is known as ‘Full Face Orthodontics’. Unlike traditional orthodontics which favour extracting teeth in overcrowded mouths to make the remaining teeth fit neatly, the philosophy…
OrthoPlan affordable orthodontic payment plan, girl with braces smiling

OrthoPlan: The Affordable Way To Pay For Braces

| Orthodontics | 2 Comments
The COVID-19 crisis has dealt a major financial blow to New Zealanders, and many of us are facing financial uncertainty that is likely to last for some time. But if…
Preventative Dental care is cheaper, illustrations showing increasing costs of dental neglect

Preventative Dental Care Saves Money

| Dental Hygiene | No Comments
We are all reeling from the financial blow that the COVID-19 crisis has dealt. Many, many individuals and families are having to cope with reduced income or job losses, and…

Boost Your Immune System With Good Oral Health

| Dental Hygiene | No Comments
COVID-19 has caused many of us to think seriously about our health and look at ways we can boost our immune systems. The enforced break during Alert Level 4 for…
Teeth whitening, image of teeth before and after whitening

Teeth Whitening: Which Option Is Right For You?

| Teeth Whitening | 3 Comments
Teeth whitening has grown significantly in popularity as new products and technology have made it easier, quicker and more affordable to keep your smile bright and white at any age.…
Free teen dental, teenage girls in school uniforms

What Should Be Included In Free Teen Dental Appointments?

| Family Dentistry | No Comments
Fraser Dental provides general dental services to eligible teenagers under the free teen Dental Benefits scheme. You can sign your teenager up when they are entering Year 9, and they…

Should You Be Using A Daily Mouthwash?

| Dental Hygiene | No Comments
There is a large and growing market for mouthwash not just in New Zealand but worldwide. A wide range of choices are readily available in supermarkets, pharmacies and other retail…

Do You Really Have To Floss?

| Dental Hygiene | No Comments
A US report hit headlines in recent years when it stated that flossing your teeth didn’t provide any proven oral health benefits. The report reviewed 25 studies and concluded there…

Top Tricks To Prevent Wine Stains On Teeth

| Teeth Whitening | No Comments
It’s hard to believe that another year is nearly over and the festive season is in full-swing. This is the time of year when most of us tend to indulge…
Anti-snoring appliances, man covering his mouth

Detecting Oral Cancer

| Family Dentistry | No Comments
Regular dental check-ups are essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent or catch dental issues before they turn into major problems. But you may not be aware…

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

| Family Dentistry | No Comments
Unfortunately, even when we are careful, accidents still happen. You might take great care of your teeth every day and have regular dental check-ups, but a dental emergency can still…

You May Love Coffee But Your Teeth Probably Don’t!

| Teeth Whitening | One Comment
There’s no denying that we love our coffee. In 2017, New Zealand ranked 13th highest consumer of coffee worldwide – higher than both Australia and the United States! An estimated…

Why Electric Toothbrushes are Awesome!

| Dental Hygiene, Family Dentistry, Tooth Decay | No Comments
Great oral hygiene is not just essential for good oral health, it also has the ability to improve your overall well-being. Because it has been proven that electric toothbrushes help…
Braces for teenagers

How much do braces cost?

| Family Dentistry, Orthodontics | 2 Comments
One of the most common questions we get is How much do braces cost? We recently started braces treatment for a young patient whose mother had asked the same question…

What do sippy cups do to childrens teeth?

| Orthodontics, Tooth Decay | No Comments
Sippy Cups As parents, we all want what is best for our kids. However, with so many different feeding products available, it’s easy for us to unknowingly make bad choices.…