Our cosmetic dentistry options include botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, and Dermal Filler treatments. Botox is a safe and approved medicine, registered with the New Zealand Ministry of Health, and it disappears naturally from the body.

Our philosophy with all aspects of cosmetic dentistry is to build on and restore the best version of your smile. This philosophy also applies to Botox, where we believe it should be used to restore a fresher, more youthful and relaxed version of yourself – never to the point where other people can tell you’ve “had work done”.

Why Dentists And Botox?

You may be wondering why dentists can give Botox, and whether you should choose a dentist over other Botox providers such as skin specialists or beauty clinics. The face and head are actually the only part of the body that dentists work on. And giving injections in this area is something we do all day long – making us experts at safely and effectively administering facial injections.

Botox is an ideal accompaniment to cosmetic dentistry, as well as being useful for treating different medical conditions.

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Treating Muscle Pain With Botox

Clenching and grinding teeth is a habit that affects many people. It can be caused by a number of different factors, including stress or anxiety, having a crooked bite and sleep apnoea. The effects of clenching and grinding can be serious for sufferers. It commonly causes teeth to wear, which can lead to fracturing and even loss of teeth. It is also common for sufferers to experience headaches, sore jaws, stiff necks and even backaches.

Wearing a custom-made sleep mouthguard, or nightguard, can be an effective way to prevent clenching and grinding teeth at night. An excellent alternative to a mouthguard is the use of muscle relaxants in the form of Botox. Small doses of Botox are injected into the large muscle that controls the jaw (masseter muscle), effectively weakening it enough to stop involuntary clenching and grinding. It is a safe and approved method of relaxing the muscle and reducing the wear of teeth as well as muscle aches and tightness. It does not affect your ability to chew, eat, drink, swallow, talk or make full facial expressions.

Improving Facial Aesthetics With Botox

Dysport is an advanced variation of Botox used effectively to improve the appearance of wrinkles, such as:

  • Forehead creases and frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Glabellar frown lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Neck bands

The results can be seen within 2 – 3 days and last for as long as four months. Patients look more rested, radiant and youthful – an enhanced version of themselves. What’s more, Dysport relaxes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. The results are natural-looking and allow you to laugh, smile and frown just like normal, just with less wrinkles! It’s a safe way to replace your radiant glow.

Your Botox and Dermal Filler Experts

Dr Milan Raniga and Dr Melissa Inger are skilled in cosmetic dentistry, providing treatments which include Botox and Dermal Fillers to create beautiful, natural smiles and faces that our patients love. Dr Raniga and Dr Inger are trained with the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). The AADFA provides comprehensive training for dentists, by dentists, which combines theory with a strong practical approach for advanced expertise.

We are passionate about helping our patients to look their very best, and take pride in creating solutions to suit your budget, lifestyle and availability.

Contact us today to discuss your Botox or Dermal Filler options, or any of our cosmetic dentistry treatments.
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