Gone are the days of unsightly and uncomfortable braces that cause stress and self-consciousness in teenagers. Today, braces have become fashionable and a way to express personality and confidence.

At Fraser Dental, we understand the needs of our teen patients and strive to provide the best possible orthodontic experience.

Choose the Perfect Braces for Your Teen

Metal Braces

These traditional braces are now smaller and come in various colours.

Ceramic Braces

Similar to metal braces, but made of clear or white material for a barely noticeable look.


Clear aligners that straighten teeth without the traditional brackets and wires.

A Positive and Exciting Experience

Expert orthodontic care

As one of Auckland’s leading orthodontics providers, we know how to get the best results and make the process of straightening your teenager’s teeth a positive and exciting experience.

Affordable payment options

Our OrthoPlan makes teen orthodontic treatment more affordable and accessible.

Regular check-ups

Monthly check-ups and wire adjustments will keep your teen motivated and excited about the end result of their perfectly straight teeth.

What Our Teen Patients are Saying

Sophie (15 years old): “I was a little challenged at first, but after 4 days, I was set and excited for the end result. Monthly check-ups were always exciting, especially when I moved up a wire, as it meant I was one step closer to perfectly straight teeth.”

Don’t let your teen’s crooked teeth prevent them from feeling confident and comfortable. 

Contact us today to learn more about our braces options and how we can help your teen achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.