Oral Surgery

There are many scenarios where a patient may require oral surgery, and here at Fraser Dental Centre, we have some of the very best and most experienced Dental Surgeons and a Specialist Oral Surgeon on our team.


One of the most common, or one of the most recognised forms of oral surgery is tooth extraction, especially of troublesome wisdom teeth. Others include impacted teeth, tooth loss, corrective jaw surgery, facial injury repair, cleft lip or cleft palate repair, and facial or gum/tooth disease or infections that require specialist oral surgery.

We offer our patients Sleep Dentistry, a service that is perfect for those patients who are very anxious and nervous about their dental treatment. We also offer Drift Away,  an experience which distracts and calms the patient, making the surgery seem far less daunting.

If you have any issues or are even slightly nervous regarding your treatment, please do make sure you ask us about our Drift Away and Sleep Dentistry procedures as they are safe, and you are in expert hands.