OrthoPlan – Orthodontics Payment Plan

We understand that the cost of braces can be a major factor when you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or someone in your family. That’s why the Fraser Dental team try to make orthodontics as affordable as possible with OrthoPlan, our orthodontics payment plan.

If you are having orthodontic treatment including braces, Invisalign or removable appliances, we recommend using OrthoPlan to make paying for your teeth straightening straightforward! Most orthodontic and Invisalign cases range from $6,000 for simple cases to $10,000 for more complex orthodontic issues.

How OrthoPlan Works

An initial fee of 30% of the cost of the treatment plan is payable up-front.

The remaining 70% of the cost of the treatment plan is spread over the course of the treatment.

For example:

Total Orthodontics Fees: $6000 for an 18 month treatment plan (78 weeks)
Up-front fee: $1800 (remaining fees are $4200)
Remaining fees spread over the course of treatment: $54 per week

Therefore, the fees are $1800 paid up-front and $54 per week over the 18 months of treatment.

OrthoPlan charges 0% interest, so you can pay your treatment while your teeth are getting straightened and incur absolutely no interest charges.

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OrthoPlan Orthodontic Payment Plan