If you are having Orthodontic work or Invisalign, we recommend using our OrthoPlan to make paying for your teeth straightening straightforward! Most Orthodontic and Invisalign cases range from $6,000 for simple cases to $10,000 for more complex work.

The OrthoPlan works like this:

You pay an up-front fee of 30% of the treatment plan and then spread the remaining fees over the course of the treatment. Here is an example:

Total Orthodontics Fees: $6000 for an 18 month treatment plan (78 weeks)
Up-front fee: $1800
(Remaining fees are $4200)
Remaining fees spread over the course of treatment: $54 p/week
Therefore, the fees are $1800 up-front and $54 p/week over 18 months with zero interest charged.

If you believe the OrthoPlan is for you, please contact us to discuss your treatment and your payment plan.