Smilesaver is an innovative way to help you to afford your dental care, regardless of your age or stage in life. At Fraser Dental we are passionate about giving our patients the dental treatments they want and need, so we’ve created the Smilesaver dental savings plan.

Having regular dental check ups and oral hygienist appointments is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and ultimately minimise the chances of developing major dental problems. For most of our patients just two visits per year are enough to keep their oral hygiene in great shape. Using Smilesaver is a convenient way to save for these appointments and minimise the impact on your budget.

What Is The Smilesaver Dental Savings Plan?

Smilesaver is a dental savings plan where you can choose the level of weekly contributions to suit your needs. Payments start from as little as $9 per week. And once you have enrolled in the plan, you can take advantage of all the great benefits that membership has to offer.

How Does The Smilesaver Dental Savings Plan Work?

There are three Smilesaver plans to choose from:

  1. Plan Nine – $9 per week
  2. Plan Twelve – $12 per week
  3. Plan X – you choose the amount of your weekly payment

Joining Smilesaver is easy – just choose your plan and set up regular payments to your account. As our way of saying “thank you”, all patients new to Smilesaver receive a $50 credit to their account to help your dental savings get started. This $50 credit can be used for any treatment or products you choose.

After six months of payments, we will book you in for your first Smilesaver dental check-up or oral hygienist appointment.

As your Smilesaver account builds up over time, you can book in for dental check-ups, hygienist appointments, fluoride treatments or even fillings if you need them.

You can also use Smilesaver to save up for elective dental treatments, for example cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening. In this case you should choose Plan X and set your weekly payments at a level that suits your budget.

If you don’t use all of your Smilesaver savings during a single year, they will simply keep accumulating – there is no requirement to use your dental savings within a certain time period. We will send you regular updates to let you know how much you’re saving.

Contact us about joining the Smilesaver dental savings today, so we can work togther to make your oral health affordable.

Which Smilesaver Plan Is Right For You?

Smilesaver dental savings plan
Smilesaver dental savings plan
Smilesaver dental savings plan