Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction, or having a tooth pulled, may be recommended for several different reasons. It is often necessary to extract wisdom teeth as these are the most commonly impacted teeth due to a lack of space for them in the mouth. Extraction can also be required as preparation for braces or dentures. And occasionally a tooth may be severely damaged or broken and extraction is the best course of action if it is beyond repair.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth extraction will only be recommended after a thorough examination and x-rays have been done to ensure that it is the right course of treatment. In many cases, the procedure is quick and painless using local anaesthetic to thoroughly numb the entire surrounding area. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we have Sleep Dentistry options that can help to keep you calm and comfortable throughout the procedure.

If a tooth has not fully come through or has broken off at the gum line then oral surgery may be necessary. Our specialist Oral Surgeon, Dr Rakesh Jattan, and our Dental Surgeons are all highly qualified and experienced in oral surgery techniques using advanced technology to achieve the best results.

In all cases we will provide detailed post-extraction care instructions to help ensure you stay comfortable and free from complications throughout the healing process. This will include advice on pain relief, eating and drinking, salt water rinses and brushing techniques, as well as any potential red flags you should be aware of. We will also be in contact with you after your tooth extraction to check that your recovery is progressing well.

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Simple Tooth Extraction

Post-Care Following A Simple Tooth Extraction