Drift Away

Drift Away helps our patients with any nervousness or fears of visiting the dentist.

  • Are you anxious by the thought of visiting the dentist?
  • Have you put off getting important dental work done because of your nervousness?
  • Are your teeth suffering because of your fear of dental treatment?
  • Do you have dental work that needs to be done over the course of a number of visits?

If you fit into any of these categories, then our Drift Away offering may be a great solution for you.

What is Drift Away?

Drift Away is an experience┬áthat helps with your dental treatment. It can be used for almost any dental treatment, from a simple tooth cleaning to getting a filling, or having a tooth pulled. It’s also great for younger patients!

Distraction can be the best form of pain relief or nervous release. That’s why Drift Away is so beneficial if you are even slightly nervous in the dental chair. We give you a pair of headphones and a cosy blanket and you can choose something to watch (sports, news, a movie, kid’s shows) or to listen to music of your choice, and you can Drift Away to your happy place!