Orthodontics For Adults

There’s never been a better time to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Almost any time in your life is the right time to give yourself the beautiful, natural smile you’ve always dreamed of. Especially now that you’re an adult!

Now is a great time to get your teeth straightened, because these days braces come in a wide variety of options including clear and white, coloured metal, tiny brackets and wires, so you can feel confident and assured and downright fashionable about choosing to have your teeth straightened! Plus we also offer Invisalign invisible braces at Fraser Dental, a system that straightens teeth using clear, aligner molds.

To make orthodontics easier on your budget, we offer a range of different payment options, making your beautiful smile even more affordable.

Contact us at Fraser Dental to talk to us about our orthodontics for adults options. Your journey to beautiful, straight teeth begins today.

orthodontics for adults, different types of braces