Orthodontics for Teens

Teenagers go through some challenging times as they navigate their way into adulthood. Physical and emotional changes can make them particularly self-conscious, and having braces can be extra stressful.

Luckily for today’s teens, braces have changed dramatically from the large, painful appliances they used to be. Now orthodontics for teens consist of tiny brackets that come in almost every colour including clear and white, and flexible wires which no longer make the teeth ache from monthly tightening. Braces can now be a fashion statement, and even adults and celebrities aren’t shy about wearing them. After all, they can be the key to an amazing smile and give renewed self-confidence that sets your teen up to achieve incredible things.

The cost of braces is now more affordable as Fraser Dental offers a wide variety of payment options as well as the popular OrthoPlan orthodontic payment plan.

15-year-old Bridget shares her experience about wearing braces:

“At first, my braces treatment was a little challenging. I needed to get into the routine of the cleaning and eating process, but after 4 days I was set and more than excited for the end result. With the braces treatment, I would go for monthly check-ups at which I would have my teeth examined, this was always an exciting moment, especially when I moved up a wire as this meant I was one step closer to perfectly straight teeth.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Braces

Do braces hurt?

Getting your braces fitted is not a painful experience at all. Some patients feel a slight aching or discomfort for a couple of days after their braces are fitted, but this does not last very long and they get used to the feel of them very quickly. Most of the time, you’ll forget you’re even wearing braces.

Are there foods I shouldn’t or can’t eat?

Although there are some foods that can damage braces, you’ll find that you can eat most foods if you are careful. Click on the link below to see which foods in particular we recommend you avoiding.

Orthodontics – Diet and Eating Recommendations

Is it hard to keep braces clean?

When your braces are fitted we will supply you with an oral hygiene pack that contains everything you will need to keep your teeth and orthodontics in great shape, including an electric toothbrush. We will also show you the best techniques to keep your mouth clean while you are wearing braces. It isn’t difficult, and with a little extra time you will be able to keep your teeth just as clean. Click on the link below for recommended brushing and oral hygiene instructions for braces-wearers.

Flossing and Brushing With Braces

Orthodontics For Teens

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