Smilesaver dental savings plan, mother and daughter smiling and hugging

2020 has taught all of us to expect the unexpected! But when it comes to dental bills unexpected costs can be especially unwelcome, especially when budgets are already stretched. We know that studies show that people who see a Dental and Oral Hygienist regularly are likely to have fewer dental problems and spend less money in the long run. So is a dental savings plan a good idea and can it really help to make dental care more affordable?

A dental savings plan should give you three main benefits:

  1. Affordability of dental care
  2. Convenience in maintaining regular appointments
  3. Peace of mind in having good oral health
Affordable Dental Care

Although dental savings plans may be designed for weekly, monthly or even an annual payment, either way they should make it easier to afford your regular dental treatments by being built into your budget – no more unexpected dental bills. Smaller weekly payments can be especially easy to accommodate without overly impacting on your finances. In addition, many savings plans offer discounts or incentives for joining or continuing your membership, or discounts on treatments to make your dental care even more affordable.

Convenience In Maintaining Regular Appointments

Delaying dental appointments can cost more in the long run as problems can be left unchecked, resulting in more invasive and expensive procedures. But with a dental savings plan you shouldn’t need to think about your appointments, or how to pay for them, as the plan takes care of that. You should be contacted when you are due for your regular appointments. And setting up automatic payments means that you don’t have to think about paying for your treatments. A dental savings plan should make your life easier and give you one less thing to have to remember!

Peace Of Mind In Having Good Oral Health

Let’s face it – we all have enough going on in our lives without needing to worry about our teeth! Maintaining regular dental appointments gives you peace of mind that there are no problems developing in your mouth, and that early detection of any problems will be your best defence. So by not needing to delay appointments you can relax and know that your teeth and gums are in good condition.


Smilesaver Dental Savings Plan is the Fraser Dental dental savings plan that provides you with affordability, convenience and peace of mind. It is structured as weekly payments at a level you choose to suit your needs and budget. Plans begin at just $9 per week and you receive a $50 credit to your account as a thank you for joining. There are other great membership benefits too.

Smilesaver can be a great option for everyone from 18 year olds right through to adults aged 60 years and over – because everyone can benefit from affordable dental care.

Please contact us to discuss your Smilesaver options and how to get started on affordable dental care today.